Im 18 and my labia makes me want to cry!

Im 18 and my labia makes me want to cry! Ive had a boyfriend for almost 3 years who ive known since i was 12 and i cant have sex with him!

Im terrified of him seeing it and leaving me even though i know logically hes a better person. He does make turkey sub and beef curtain jokes though..

They swell up like a massive fat balloon when aroused too. The only saving grace of them is they are even at least… It looks like a turd between my legs

Pls help me get over my fear! Im so tired of being ashamed and scared to even let my boyfriend put his hand near it even clothed..

7 thoughts on “Im 18 and my labia makes me want to cry!”

  1. Beautiful and perfect! Your boyfriend would be a fool not to enjoy your special treat. Sounds tasty the way they swell and engorge.

    No rush to sex. Just enjoy exploring each other’s bodies in the dark.

    Submit another picture of them swollen, so then we can again tell you that they’re beautiful and there’s nothing to worry about.

  2. Sounds like he’s inexperienced. This is totally normal, as you can see on this website. Lots of men like this look and would find it a nice surprise. Penises also have a variety of “styles.”

    You look great!

  3. As a man i can really say that wouldn´t even think that there should be something different with your vagina. I think it is really beautiful.
    Be confident! Like Brian said: You look great!

  4. You should probably talk to him about it before having sex and tell him what you are worried about. He will very likely be supportive and very happy that you’re interested in taking it to the next level!

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