I’m French and I actually didn’t know I have large labia before I was 31

I’m French so I first apologize for the mistakes I will make in the text and hope I will be understandable enough…

I wanted to share my experience. I’m 34 and I actually didn’t know I have large labia before I was 31, albeit I know my body well…

Indeed, I started to masturbate around 12 and quickly, did that almost every day since then… At the beginning I didn’t know that it was masturbation (I didn’t know what masturbation was and I didn’t touch me at that time, it cames later). I have my first sexual experience around 16 and then, I had quite a lot of partners and I usually staid with them during weeks, months or years. None of the guys told me anything about my labia. Never. They just like to have sex with me. And except once, I always took the decision to broke up (so, obviously, they liked me…)

Furthermore, I never watched porn (until lately) , and I didn’t go on the internet to see pictures of others women in order to see how they were… It just never came to my mind…

Around 31, I had my first experience with a woman (who didn’t have many sexual intercourses before) and when she started to touch me, she was very surprised with my labia and told me they were very large, which made me very uncomfortable… Then she said that it was okay, but that she was just surprised, and that she thought it was not common… So, the day after, I went on the internet and realized it was the case… I started to wondering a lot about that, especially I wondered why nobody told me before. I talk with my gynecologist (and even thought about labiaplasty) who told me that my labia were fine, not that big and that every women are different.

Now, I don’t think to labiaplasty anymore because these labials are part of me and they contribute to the sensation I have when I have sex. However, each time I have sex with somebody new, I’m always a bit worried about that… I’m sure I shouldn’t, because actually, I never had problems with that…

I wanted to share my experience because I think it leads to some questions/reflexions:

– are women more preoccupied by large labias than men? are they more under the pressure of conformity? Did men not care about that or did they not dare to tell me that?

– I ’m impressed by the impact of just a remark… We shouldn’t be preoccupied by our shapes and I wasn’t before… It’s such a pity/ impressive that I started to be preoccupied with that (now I wonder what the guy/girl will think about my vagina when I meet someone… maybe they just will think nothing, but I don’t know that and I still wonder and I’m sometimes angry to have these questions coming to my mind…)

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  1. You have a beutiful labia, mine is maybe a little large.
    I also started masturbating when i Was 12 years old but also didn’t Touch me toll later.
    I actually find out i had large lips After watching my labia in the mirrow when i Was like 16 years old and i realise my labia was so much bigger than the women in porn.
    I was so self consern…. I find museld6 pretty so many guys wanted to date me… But i onlu did kissing and nothing Else, Till i Was 18 then i lost my verginity… Sex felt so good that i wanted more, and nobody said nothing about it, so i did not care at All….
    I also started to watch porn with women with large labia, and participate in fòrums with women with large labia and sharing pictures of myself. I got so many compliments than now i am glad i have a large labia.
    Did u know that in some african regions, women en large they labia because it is consider somthing sexy and somthing that please the men more? Well there we would be a goodess with our big pussy lips.
    Love yourslef and be glad pu have this pretty pussy. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais te dire qu’il n’y a pas de problème que tu aies de longues lèvres.

    Certains hommes avons de l’attirance pour eux.

    À bientôt !

    1. Your vulva is gorgeous!!!
      Although there are men who are superficial and judgmental, most men just love the beauty of women and their bodies in all their endless variations. If you find yourself with partner who doesn’t love you just the way you are, trade em in for a partner who does. You deserve better. Never settle for less.

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