I’m seeing this guy and he’s accepting of bodies

Anonymous asked:

I’m seeing this guy and he’s accepting of bodies and even said that he thinks women shouldn’t get labiaplasty. I’m not as insecure about my vulva as I used to be but I still have bad days, and yesterday we were talking about vaginas and he started talking about this pornstar w/ “the nicest pussy ever” because “it’s so pink and tight” & i looked her up & her vulva looks like a blowup doll w/ almost no lips and it made my stomach drop. i feel so unattractive now cause my lips are dark & longer 🙁

Don’t panic and don’t be shy of your body! If a man is not stupid he will never judge a girl just for the shape of her vagina! I’m pretty sure he likes you for your nature and your beauty, moreover as you said he doesn’t like labiaplasty, which means he certainly prefers a natural vagina, even if it doesn’t look like the one his favourite pornstar. He may have a preference for a shape but he will never think or tell you your vulva is horrible just because it doesn’t look like the best in the world! Be self confident!

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